My Virtual Museum of Recycled Handbags

November 2007

Since the seventies, I have had a collector's passion for handbags in general and handbags of recycled materials in particular. My first acquisition was a black rubber floor mat, riveted into a rectangular form.

Little did I know thirty years ago that I would one day design and produce more than 1000 Bottle Caps Purses for such illustrious merchandisers as J. Peterman Catalog and Giovanni of Rodeo Drive and that I would have a purse, I designed, in the collection of the Tassen Museum of Purses and Hand Bags in the Netherlands. Purse and Hand Bag Museum

My latest addition is plastic packaging, stitched into a purse...a gift from Cynthia Korzekwa, artist and blogger of

One of the many Bottle Cap Purses. In the collection of the
Tassen Museum of Handbags in the Netherlands.

Car Mat Purse - The Beginning of my Collection

Cynthia's Purse

Daughter Maddie's Purses from Vintage Aprons

Wonder Bread Wrapping Purse

Italian Magazine Purse 1960's

Howard Johnson Cigar Box Purse (circa 1950's)

Most recent Janet Cooper Design (vintage fabric & carpet scraps) Side A

Most recent Janet Cooper Design (vintage fabric & carpet scraps) Side B

Vintage 1930's Cork Linings from Vintage Bottle Caps are glued into a Zippered Purse

Purchased in Los Angeles in 1990. Socks stitched in a Purse Made in Spain.

Irish Bottle Caps linked into a Bag.

Ciggarette Wrapper Purse 1950's Also called 'Prison Art'

Neck Tie Purse Purchased in Lexington, Kentucky

Luisa Cevese Riedizioni, Milan. Textile Scraps and Polyurethane

Victorian Doll Made into Purse Bought on Ebay

Blue Walmart Shopping Bags Crocheted to Bag

Cork Liners of Vintage Bottle Caps Glued into a Vintage Bag

Cigarette Wrapper Purse Prison Art

Recycled Purse Fabric Scraps and Screening
Found at Craft Fair - San Francisco 1990's

This Collection is Available for Acquisition

hi Janet! i love your workings.How do u get inspiration?i think your work is so perfect but how do u respond to people who may not think it is not so much their cup of tea??i try to do some dabblings of artwork.then everyone who has never done artwork,then seems to become a critic and puts it how do u handle this?all u do is simply the best. love it.thanks denise o'daniels


How do I get in touch with you? I want to invite you - and your readers - to join a UN-related initiative - ARTS AT THE HEART OF A SUSTAINABLE WORLD, associated with the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development and International Earth Charter - aimed at generating acknowledgment of, engagement with and support for artists - like you - who speak for and from commitment to creating a sustainable world.

We're laying groundwork for this initiative this April in Ithaca - would love to have you join us!
In honor of Earth Week 2008, artists, educators and sustainability activists of all ages are invited to gather on Friday, April 25th and Saturday, April 26th to explore three questions:
„X what IS ˇĄgreenˇ¦ art?
„X what intentional, pro-active role can it play in creating sustainable communities?
„X How can we join forces to create a synergistic voice for the arts within the ethical and action framework offered by the International Earth Charter , U.N. Millennium Goals <> and the U.N. Decade of Education for Sustainable Development <>?

GREENING THE ARTS will begin at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, April 25th the Tompkins County Library in downtown Ithaca. The program will combine a panel of national and local arts and sustainability leaders sharing their thoughts on the framing questions above with an Open Space to generate action plans for local/regional (NYS) and global (UN/DESD and Earth Charter) next steps. Special lodgings rates are available from the Holiday Inn Ithaca (607) 272-1000.

If you cannot attend, we invite you to send us your own thoughts on the above questions, for inclusion in the program packet. Send as MSWord attachment to .

Patricia Haines, Level Green Institute, Ithaca, NY


why hello, as a 13 yr old girl i dont often search like this but due to ark homework i had to do it, its very fun, wow your work is good really good, its such an inspration that you would ike to help our enviroment. love ellie


Just a periodic check-in to see what you've been up to lately. Lookin' good, girl! Your friend from Girl Scouts in the East Room - Maureen


i love your work it is well cool i am going to tell eveyone i now about you. we are doing about recyele artists for are 3d and you are the best so far.


hi janet! i love your work and i am doing a school project about how u use recycled items with your art and how you get inspired so if you could email me on how you get inspired to make your pieces at:


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